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Bring elegance to any occasion with our rental products at Elegant Events in Troy, MI. Whether you are celebrating an intimate party or a grand wedding, we have you covered!

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The History of Chiavari Chairs

The Chiavari chair, once dubbed Chiavarine, is named after the coastal Italian town of Chiavari, the place where its design originates. Since 1200, carving had been a specialty of the craftsmen in Chiavari.


In 1807, the world-famous chair was created by craftsman Giuseppe Gaetano Descalzi. The chair’s creation began when Stefano Rivarola, a marquis, brought samples of sophisticated chairs back from a trip to France. Rivarola then gave the chairs to Descalzi for evaluation.


After inspecting the chairs, Descalzi committed to improving their design, changing the shape of the backs and the legs. Descalzi wanted to create a chair that is lightweight and utilitarian yet elegant. He certainly achieved his goal as the chairs gained popularity across the globe.

More About Chiavari Chairs

Because of its unique aesthetic and durability, Chiavari chairs have become among the most popular seats globally. It is used for a large number of events and occasions, ranging from weddings to popular entertainment events like the Grammy’s. Chiavari chairs were also used for famous TV shows, such as Dancing with the Stars.


What sets the Chiavari chair apart is not only its sophisticated look but also its affordability. Due to its inexpensiveness, it is a practical solution for seating guests for small weddings and large galas. Furthermore, the Chiavari chair’s versatility and stylish design make it a natural choice for many event producers.

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